Here at Machimpex USA, we have combined our 30 years of experience and innovation in the textile world to bring you Grab-A-Rag.

Our cloths are designed to be the best in a high quality, on the go, microfiber cleaning tool. The concept behind the box design is to make sure each towel comes out clean and easily all the way to the bottom. This dispenser box also keeps towels neat and nicely organized. Gratb-a-rag towels are the perfect semi-disposable option to use on an array of cleaning jobs around your home, vehicle, garage, office and shop. These towels may be machine washed and reused up to 50 times, however at such a great value, you will not feel guilty about throwing them away when they become soiled or dirty just as you would a traditional disposable towel.

Grab-a-Rag towels have ultra-sonic “no-scratch” edges which will not fray or cause any loss of shape.

Keep your mind at ease when cleaning sensitive surfaces as these edges will not scratch the contacted area. These towels are made of absorbent, lint free microfiber which is now one of the most popular choices in household and automotive cleaning and detailing. One of the many advantages to microfiber is that you may use it paired with your favorite cleaning chemicals, or simply dry for dusting and polishing. Microfiber traps dirt, dust and debris with ease. As a precaution when using any microfiber cloth, periodically inspect the towel for any embedded debris from cleaning which may cause damage to the surface. Simply rinse clean to release any trapped debris and continue use.

Machimpex inception dates back to 1983 when our founder Rob Poirier was selling institutional recycled cleaning “rags”.

These towels were inconsistent and sub-par in performance to what we know today. Traditional towels would leave lint behind, were not super absorbent, did not withstand heavy duty use and would shrink and lose their shape or fray when washed. Rob’s goal was to create a towel that could perfectly clean, dry and wash to become a REAL multipurpose asset. His journey took him overseas to Japan, Korea and China where he quickly learned of a new alternative in cleaning . . . MICROFIBER. Rob partnered with Machimpex CMC a billion-dollar trading company out of China where they were instrumental in the development and introduction of microfiber to the US. Fast forward nearly 40 years later, and microfiber is now a recognized household name. The motivation did not stop, and ever since Machimpex has been a leader in bringing innovative solutions in cleaning, washing, drying, polishing and more!

We listen closely to our customers and consumers and firmly stand behind the quality of our products.

We are laser focused on our category and we do what we know best . . . leading-edge cleaning tools that are reliable and supported by years of research and development. Our ongoing strengths include product development, quality control, and global sourcing, along with domestic & import distribution.

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